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General Plan Flow Chart Avila      Envision Avila Timeline (Draft)     Envision Avila Website

Avila Project Spreadsheet 1-8-18

DRC2017-00103-2895 Avila Bach Drive Colony Lot 8

Golf Course Mega Project (On 12/11/17 it was announced that this project has been “Deemed Withdrawn” by the Planning Department – 1) Cover Letter DRC2014-00091 Revised Project_Agent_Letter 11-17-2017  2) Facilities and Use list DRC2014-00091_Revised Project _Attachment_List of Uses_(11-17-17)  3) Project Plans DRC2014-00091_Revised Project _plans (11-17-17)   4)  Click here to read Tribune article  5) Planning Department decision to deem the project withdrawn has been appealed by the applicant  #949_Appeal Planning Director Determination_Rossi (2) (1)

Golf Course Temporary Commercial Business License – 1)  Golf Course Baseline Cover Memo For Temporary Commercial Outdoor Entertainment License    2)  Golf Course APPLICATION FOR EVENTS Temorary Outdoor Commerical Entertainment License 11.16.17

1)DRC2014-00111- Revised-King Project Ontario Rd.-Pkg   2) King Project Traffic Study

DRC2017-00069-SPEARMAN- Residential Project Avila Beach Drive:Ontario Rd. Referral-Package

SUB2015-00068-NOLTE Project 147 San Luis Street REVISED-REF-PKG

DRC2017-00043-2520 Vista de Avila Ref-Pkg

Avila Beach Drive/101 Interchange Project  Cal Trans 101 AB Drive Roundabout Presentation1  AB Drive 101 Interchange Project Study Report-PDS    AB Drive 101 Interchange September-11-2017-brochure

DRC2017-00022-Ref-Pkg Cantannea on La Fonda Inn

Proposed Non Motorized Parking Ordinance TRC 2017 July rsl _002_ rev2 _003_ TR1

DRC2016-00117 Curtis MUP      (Colony Lane Lot 6 Avila Beach Drive Vacation Rental Request)

Avila Pier Feasibility Study February 2017

2015 Avila Circulation Study and Traffic Impact Fee Study (Final)


153-159 San Antonia School House Playground SUB2016-00065_CO15-0114_SLCUSD_Parcel_Map

142 Front Street Condo Project

35 Squire Canyon Rd. Lot Line Adjustment

264 San Miguel Three Sylvester Sisters

Diablo Canyon After Action Report/Improvement Plan Oct/Nov 2106

Joint Proposal to Retire Diablo Canyon – June 20,2016   Link to videos of PGE Special Meetings


CAGLIERO MUP Colony Lane Lots 8, 9,10,12,13

SALUCCI Project 356 First St. Updated Plans Submitted 11/27/2017 360 1st street -11x17color -resubmittal 2017.11.27

2015/2016 County Bikeways Plan

1st & San Antonia Project

Avila Point (Union Oil) Project   Link to County Web Page with Draft EIR

Golf Course Mega Project (Project has been revised see above, way above)

Ontario Ridge Trail McCarthy  Approved by County, Appealed to Coastal Commission, Pending

Avila Beach Drive Traffic Counts

Sheriff’s Department Crime Map

Emergency Planning